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TP Therapy Hip and Lower Back Kit

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  • Price: $180.38
  • SKU: hipandlower
  • Brand: Trigger Point Therapy
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

Product Description

Includes: Hip and Lower Back Instructional DVD, Biomechanical Education DVD, Two TP Massage Balls, TP Footballer, TP Quadballer and Baller Block. Trigger Point Technologies has released a kit for the treatment of hip dysfunction. This kit features a new Hip DVD, which shows new manipulations and education. The objectives of targeting the hip are as follows: Target and break up adhesions and trigger points while restoring elasticity in the soleus, quad region, piriformis and psoas. Open the neurological pathways to the lower extremities by releasing scar tissues and adhesions. Decreases compression on the lower vertebrae and on the diaphragm, which will increases your ability to breathe. All of our DVDs, be it foot, knee or hip, start with the soleus. No matter what, the foot is the first and last thing to hit the ground throughout the day. The way the foot hits the ground is the beginning of a biomechanical chain reaction that affects the rest of the body. Each area will be thoroughly addressed with regards to muscle placement, product placement and body aerobics, nutrition, health and general well being.

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