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Kool ‘N Fit® Sport Conditioning Spray

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Product Description

Kool ‘N Fit® Sport Conditioning Sray is a proven, powerful, and all-natural external muscle spray used by professional and amateur athletes alike to get an edge over their competition. It vitalizes the muscular system by increasing blood flow (up to 30%), by relaxing tight muscles, and by avoiding cramping and fatigue. When used before, during, and after competition maximum workload can be achieved & maintained, injury risk is being minimized, and recovery is accelerated. This time-tested European formula is easy to use, safe and effective, and generates a feeling of well-being. It is non-staining, leaves no messy residue, and has a fresh aroma-therapy scent.

Apply where needed. To ensure full benefits, spray on large muscle groups. Let dry and penetrate. No need to rub in and it will not stain clothing. Sprays at any angle!
Before Sports...
to warm up and invigorate
During Sports...
to avoid fatigue and to refresh
After Sports...
to cool down and to revitalize
At Nighttime...
to reduce next-day soreness and to continue muscle recovery
In Daily Life...
spray on muscles to relax and to relieve stress

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