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66fit Sports Gyrociser

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  • Price: $12.48
  • SKU: BP-230B
  • Brand: 66Fit
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

Product Description

The 66fit Sports Gyrociser was originally designed as an exercise device to help improve the blood circulatory system to the fingers, hands, wrist and arm.


Material: Plastic
Colour: Blue/Yellow

The Sports Gyrociser utilises the deep hand muscles including the interossei and the lumbricals. This ensures stability in the grip and provides a firm platform for the activity of thumb and finger action, particularly the opposing muscle groups involved in the power grip. Wrist action of flexion and extension along with radial and ulnar deviation can be strengthened isotonically, whilst using forearm movements of pronation and supination. All of which are major components of racquet sports.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the Sports Gyrociser is it use in training for stability of the shoulder girdle, particularly of the scapula (shoulder blade). Movements performed at varying arm positions allow the operator to practise stabilising the scapula against the chest wall whilst maintaining motion of the upper limb, actions involved in all sports from rowing to golf, and essential in the prevention of shoulder tendinitis and other degenerative shoulder conditions.

To use the 66fit Sports Gyrociser: Place in the palm of the hand with the inner yellow ball facing outwards. Feed the plastic starter cord into the hole and feed through until it exits the opposite hole. Then pull the starter cord to set the ball in motion. Move your wrist in a circular motion to increase the speed of the Gyrociser. The idea is to keep the ball spinning as smoothly as possible at a constant speed. The magnet inside causes an irregular magnetic field which exercise the forearm, wrist and fingers. Increasing the speed of the Gyrociser will ensure a fantastic workout to fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

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